Design Thinking

Here's how I have employed Design Thinking in the enterprise.

There will be Post-It Notes.

Design Thinking is immensely popular and I'm thrilled about it. This makes the work of the designer in the enterprise all the more vital. And I believe the design only gets better when all the team members participate in its creation.

My latest favorite thinking on this topic is Google's design sprints. I especially like the Crazy Eights exercise. The team quickly iterates through many design concepts. You are forced to come up with the more than you might originally try, and then evaluate everyone else's ideas. Yes, sometimes everyone converges on the obvious solution, but I have personally witnessed some truly groundbreaking concepts come out of this simple exercise. 

2016-06-30 14.18.47.jpg

I believe that enterprise software can be as delightful and as easy to use as consumer apps. In fact, this is imperative for the future success of any software company. 

I find a lot of inspiration (and jealously!) in the work going on at IBM and the huge investment in design they are making. I have been watching from a distance for a couple of years, and I like what I see.