Project X

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Design Brief: Create a mobile app for data storytelling.

Tools: Google Design Sprints, Sketch, Illustrator, InVision

We were a team of three elite user interface and visual designers. We brainstormed, designed, and created a Sketch + InVision prototype of a mobile app for data storytelling.

We wanted to create a visual representation of data, so instead of a regular spreadsheet, we used the concept of data cards for each column. The user could combine these cards to help construct a data story.

Here are a couple of the main screens in the app.



Here I'm showing a little bit of the visual design work I did. These are design options for the look and feel of the app, graph color palettes, data cards, etc.:

These are options for the visual design of the data cards in the app. Instead of presenting the data in tables, we thought a data card to represent each column was a metaphor that consumers could more easily understand: