Hello and welcome!

I am a member of the US Digital Service where I’m using my design skills to serve the American people. I have over 20 years of experience in designing enterprise software at scale and leading design teams.
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Here are a few examples of my work and my personal projects. 

Design Thinking

Here's my typical work process and how I have put Design Thinking principles into action in the enterprise.


Project X

I was one of three team members. We designed and produced a prototype for a data storytelling mobile app.

2015-08-04 13.21.59.jpg


I was selected by the CTO/VP of R&D to join a small, elite team of designers. Our mission: to create and establish an internal Accelerator program that would inspire a culture of innovation and find the next billion dollar product. 

Graphic Design

Though it's not my primary job these days, I like to exercise my graphic design muscles whenever I can. Here are a few of my recent personal projects, including a contest-winning design.

Screenshot 2016-10-06 13.30.36.png


Some details about my expertise and the skills I have acquired.


On the Side

Sometimes you have to design a new feature just to get it out of your head! I want this functionality and I can't find it anywhere. Here are some projects I'd love to build.

2014-10-24 13.42.17.jpg


I have thoughts. And opinions.