I am a senior UI/UX designer and design manager with over 20 years of experience in creating enterprise software.

I was at a mid-career crossroad when I decided to apply to USDS. My life hasn’t been the same since I joined in February 2019. I am dedicated to using my design skills to serve the American people.

My areas of expertise include:

The intersection of art and technology has always been my happy place.

I majored in music engineering as an undergrad because I love music and I was pretty good at calculus and physics. In grad school, I studied technical theater because I wanted to do sound design and I liked hanging around the creative drama people.

When I was done with school in 1995, and the web was just getting started, my Photoshop and BBEdit skills meant that I could get a job making web sites. 

Over 20 years later, I am an expert in designing enterprise software and managing design teams. I still like grappling with the mix of art and technology in the work I do.

And I still like hanging out with creative people who challenge the status quo and prove that enterprise software can be delightful, elegant and usable. 

This was kind of fun. I took a personality test and here's what it said. I must admit it rings true:


You have a full range to your personality from your attention to detail to your creativity. You have systems of keeping the things that are important to you organized, but your creative mind allows you to follow your whims. You enjoy socializing and spending time with other people, especially at artistic events. However, you are equally happy on your own, often engrossed in a project that causes you to lose track of time as you work. Your penchant for routine and details allows you to navigate these different interests with ease.


Some things I'm obsessed with at the moment:

Past obsessions but still lodged in the recesses of my brain: