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I joined the US Digital Service in February 2019. I am dedicated to using my design skills to serve the American people. I am a UI/UX Designer with over 20 years of experience in enterprise software design and design management. I love to grapple with difficult, data-intensive problems and create elegant software solutions that delight customers.


US Digital Service

Digital Service Expert - Design

February 2019 - Present

I am incredibly honored to be a member of this elite team of technologists, designers, and product strategists. These are some of the smartest and kindest people I have ever worked with in my career. We are all fully dedicated to our shared mission: to deliver better government services to the American people through technology and design.

My first assignment: to help improve the federal hiring processes. We are running experimental hiring pilots at two federal agencies. Some of the things I have contributed so far:

  • Conducted user feedback interviews with multiple stakeholders during and after the pilots, then synthesized that feedback for further analysis and insights.

  • Created materials for various workshops, trainings, meetings, worksheets, 1-pagers, etc.

  • Produced data visualizations to convey the progress and success of the two pilots.

  • Contributed to the final report (writing, data analysis, graphics).

  • The resulting policy memo issued Sept. 13, 2019


Senior UI/UX

February 2018 - February 2019

I was a contract UI/UX designer working on two Angular-based, mission-critical applications for financial forecasting and risk analysis.

  • Led requirements gathering and task analysis activities with business users.

  • Held design critiques and feedback sessions with all stakeholders to get buy-in before development started.

  • Prototyped new designs and tested them with end users.

  • Created wireframes and style guides for development team.

  • Created and edited CSS files to ensure adherence to the Citi visual design standards.

  • Direct quotes from the development team regarding a design I created for a particularly complicated workflow:

    • “High five…I was scared the most with this use case. It was a deal breaker.”

    • “It was a pleasure working with someone who is really passionate about what they are doing.”

    • “Can we put you in charge of this project? I think you are the most sane person here.

UI/UX and Graphic Design Consultant

August 2016 - February 2019 (2.5 years)

Selected Projects

The Home Depot: “Full stack designer” with the Enterprise UX team, leading the design of the new Repairs product. Produced working prototypes for MVP and full-featured concepts in Sketch + InVision.

Arts Access International: Branding and UX design for a new company providing iOS apps for audio narration of live events for low-vision and blind users. Created wireframes for native iOS app.

Chatham Marketplace: Designed complete rebrand--created new logo, iconography, brand guide, and web style guide. Created wireframes for website, delivered final assets, and produced style guide.

Sir Walter Raleigh Award: Redesigned award for community appearance. My design was their contest winner.


SAS is a large, privately-held company that provides analytics, business intelligence, and data management software and services. I worked there 16 years.

Picto: I designed and implemented a prototype for a data storytelling app as requested by the CTO/VP of R&D. Presented concepts to executives.

  • Ideated and brainstormed new concepts for data exploration and analysis.

  • Performed user research and contextual inquiry.

  • Sketched/Post-It noted customer journey, affinity diagrams, and use cases.

  • Created wireframes and interactive prototypes with Sketch and InVision.

Accelerator: I was hand-picked by the CTO/VP of R&D to create an internal Accelerator program. Goal was to investigate new product concepts, promote design thinking throughout R&D, and expand employee innovation and leadership skills.

  • Designed the entire program from scratch based on Y-Combinator and Techstars.

  • Designed and produced the WordPress site (wireframes, final assets, style guide).

  • Worked with executives, HR, Legal, Marketing and Product Management to develop program.

    • 25% of 13,000 worldwide employees visited site

    • 65 concept submissions

    • 13 concepts with patent potential

Simulation Studio: Windows client for managing complex data models. I designed and delivered an information architecture and overall design infrastructure to the development team to help establish their plan for moving from Windows to HTML5.

Principal User Experience Designer

April 2015 - October 2016
(1.5 years)


Senior Manager,
Visual Design

April 2014 - April 2015
(1 year)

Design system strategy, creation and delivery:  I led and coordinated design, implementation and delivery of a new HTML5/CSS3 common component system to be used by all R&D products.

  • Project management for delivery of new HTML5 component library.

  • Worked in an Agile environment using Jira.

  • Presented design strategy to executives, marketing creative director and other stakeholders to ensure alignment across the company.

  • Managed creation of an accompanying WordPress design pattern library.

  • Communicated progress of this work across the entire company via webinars, blogs, intranet web site.

Hired and managed a team of 13 UX/visual designers and CSS developers who supported 50+ shipping products. Technologies included HTML5/CSS3/LESS, native iOS and Android. 

Established creative team building program of art field trips for CTO/VP of R&D and entire design team. This program was featured in the “Best Places to Work” application for three years.


Visual Design

April 2011 - April 2014
(3 years)

Visual branding and strategy: I led a complete rebranding of the design framework based on the company’s move from Flex to HTML5, iOS and Android. 

  • Created design personas as a team to establish visual design strategy.

  • Got buy-in from all stakeholders including executives, product management, marketing, and R&D leadership.

  • Designed and delivered multiple themes to accommodate user preferences and accessibility requirements.

  • Managed iOS and Android visual design process to ensure brand consistency across multiple platforms.

UI/UX/CSS: I was a working manager so I was also responsible for hands-on design projects.

  • Data visualization: Created visual design specs for the SAS graph library of advanced data visualization components. Implemented design update in CSS style sheets.

  • Components: Created UX/visual design specs for various components in the design system.

  • Flex design system: Single-handedly maintained 120+ Flex CSS stylesheets that controlled over 30 shipping Flex products. I took on this responsibility so that my team could move on to HTML5 design work.

Hired and managed a team of 13 UX/visual designers and CSS developers who supported 50+ SAS shipping products and common UI frameworks. Technologies included HTML/CSS, Dojo, Flex, and SAS ODS. 

Established “BIRD’s Eye View” lecture series by request of the VP of R&D. Lecturers included artists, game level designers, professors, and local entrepreneurs.


Senior Systems Developer

September 2005 - April 2011
(6 years)

Planning App: Designed and supported a custom deployment tool. Created wireframes for new features, implemented design, usability tested features with users, created graphic assets, maintained CSS style sheets. I was the company-wide expert in SAS software planning and installation data.


Senior User Experience Designer

September 2000 - September 2005
(5 years)

UX and visual design for multiple SAS products, including Portal, BI reporting clients, and ETL clients. Technologies included HTML/CSS, Java clients, Windows clients, and Flex.

CareCompass Solutions - UX/Visual Designer

Columbia, SC, 1998-2000 (2 years). Designed web-based home health care software.

Alliance Entertainment - UX/Visual Designer

Coral Springs, FL, 1995-1998 (3 years). Designed B2B web-based software for a music distributor.


  • Design strategy and leadership

  • Stakeholder management

  • Design thinking

  • UX/UI/visual design for enterprise software

  • Graphic design and branding

  • Sketch, InVision, Illustrator, Adobe CS

  • Interactive prototypes, style guides, wireframing

  • Mobile design, enterprise application design, web design, user interface design


2016 Graphic Design - Coursera specialization certificate
California Institute of the Arts, 2016

Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Coursera specialization certificate
University of Maryland, 2015

Master of Fine Arts - Drama Design, Media and Technology
University of Georgia, 1995

Bachelor of Music - Major: Music Engineering, Minor: Electrical Engineering
University of Miami, 1990